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Locally produced

Custom Made beautiful... Ethical production... Exceptional prints and amazing quality fabrics. 

Terry Kruse is an artist in Calgary, Canada and all fabrics come from scans of her original abstract works. She created her shop Vibrant Artz as a hybrid of her passion for art and design.

Vibrant Artz works with a community driven production studio in Montreal, Canada that creates amazing quality products with local production. Employees are paid a fair wage, above minimum wage to start, work regular hours and all breaks are paid. No unpaid internships! They produce all items in their studio and handle everything from the printing, sewing and quality control in house. Not only that, but knit fabrics are manufactured in Montreal as well! 

This has many benefits including:

  • Feel good. Feel good about how your items are made. Employees are paid fair wages and work regular hours. No sweatshop manufacturing!
  • High quality wearable fabrics. Locally made goods with only the best raw materials to showcase Vibrant artz on a wide range of mediums. The fabrics used are exceptional and the legging fabric took almost 11 months until it was just right!
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. Every business has a responsibility to reduce their environmental impact. By manufacturing and sourcing locally, they help reduce the carbon footprint. Paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or inperfect garments are donated to inner-city shelters.