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Wearable "Artz"

Go forward and create your destiny. Walk in the rain –  barefoot. Be comfortable in your body... Be yourself... Trust yourself or go find your trust... Go somewhere – return to rest – go again... Solitude is good but so is spending time with someone who makes you laugh... Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”...

Today is a good day to have a good day!

Hi, I am happy that I can tell you about my art as well as my wearable artz!

I have been creating art from before I was born... Ok, slightly less time than that.

I started as a graphic designer while doing art on the side then became a full-time artist around 10 years ago. My art has seen all forms, but I have been doing abstracts for the past couple of years using a unique pouring method (not the one that is all over the internet). What I love about abstract is that people see their own visions in the art and in mine this is an inspired form of happiness.

When I first showed this art, I got a lot of great comments "beautiful - unique - lovely..." also comments saying how warm and friendly this art is. I saw a lot of smiles. I knew I had something and I have been exploring and improving this method ever since.

Then, while showing at a fall holiday show, I happened upon a Canadian company that could put my art into fashion. Not only this, my art style works really well with the fashions. Now I could give people an affordable smile that they could wear... Basic black clothing can be elegant but sometimes you might want colour to make your mood brighter!

I was hooked and this morphed into Vibrant Artz. 

Why should you consider a Vibrant Artz product?

Inspired by the colours and intensities of nature: There is beauty in the smallest details nature produces and happiness when you have a chance to slow down and take a moment to look.

Vibrant • Vivid • Vavoom: I believe that all wearables should be comfortable, create an extension of your goodness and inspire joy and happiness...

Artist Designed & Ethically Produced: You can feel good about how the artz are created as they are designed by a full time artist and printed/assembled in a North American studio where people are valued, work regular hours and get paid a fair wage.

From workout to leisure & travel and out to dinner

These fashions are made for comfort and work really well in an active lifestyle, yet they are equally wearable in relaxed, easy-going environments. Put on a pair of leggings with a fitted tank and you are ready to go. Add the matching scarf and a day bag and you look great in the ski slope lodge, coffee shop or even a fancy restaurant. Show off your figure in the bodycon dress or relax in one of the robes. Add one of the pillows to your couch for added comfort or to your bedroom when you wish to "brighten things up". Whether these item are central to your being or a small addition to your wardrobe.

Feel free to message me if you have questions or even if something just made you smile.

Cheers, Terry

ps. more art available at Contact Terry for original canvases.